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Getting started (3)

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Getting started (3)

Post by Railen on Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:52 pm

Now you're familiar with the golden book (rules), you are free to roam through our wonderful world! For the unsure ones, here are some tips:

- No matter what you're gonna do, you should introduce yourself first!

- The General Chat is great to get to know everyone and just talk about random whatever.

- Join in to whatever discussions you feel attracted to!

- Advertise your stories, read others, and start unravelling our mysteries!

This is just an example, there is many more to discover on your dangerous journey through the caves of Xana's Lair. We have more than 20 ranks to offer, some of those only accessable by doing special quests! Endless games, roleplays and discussions, not to forget magnifiscent prizes! We have world's best Lyoko-database being made, and you can help! Mock elections and story awards are also present, plus many, many more!

We also work with sector competitions, which will be explained in another topic.



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