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An excerpt from my Garage Kids fic

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An excerpt from my Garage Kids fic

Post by CodeXanadu25 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:48 pm

Jeremie had just stepped outside for a walk,and it started raining.Tamia was with him in case a spectre showed up.Up ahead,he saw something that caught his eye-a girl with pink hair wearing a gray cloak.She was being followed by a tall man in a dark suit with sunglasses.Just for curiosity,he paused time.Neither the girl or the man stopped walking,but everybody else did.

"Tamia,see if you can stop that man.He might hurt the girl."

Suddenly,Tamia emited a loud,piercing scream that shattered glass in buildings around them.They watched as a building crumbled on top of the man dressed in black.The girl took the chance and ran up to them.She was beautiful,but her eyes look like she had been crying for a long time,and she had been unable to stop.

"My name is Aelita.I need your help Jeremie."

Then,Jeremie and Tamia watched in horror as the man stood up,walked through the rubble,and pointed a pistol at Aelita's head...

So how was that for excerpt?No,Aelita doesn't die,and neither do Jeremie and Tamia.This is the end of that chapter(I love cliffhangers).

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