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What's this forum all about? (1)

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What's this forum all about? (1)

Post by Railen on Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:05 pm

This forum will be for all Code Lyoko fans, and especially: writers. Here you can find links to fan-made stories about the popular show, where you can read & review them. Of course you can just chat here too, talk about your favourite characters, sectors and whatnot.

In addition we've opened the Grand Arena for some rpg and pen&paper action. Normal rp's can also be held, as well as various games and competitions.

For those who don't know what Code Lyoko is: Code Lyoko is a television serie from MoonScoop. It goes about 4 boarding students (Ulrich, Yumi, Odd and Jeremie) who discover a supercomputer with a virtual world in it. They manage to travel between this world, Lyoko, and earth. On Lyoko they find an artifical intelligence called Aelita, who seems to be trapped there. An evil virus (Xana)also inhabits the place, which tries to gain control of humanity. The four teens, together with Aelita, are the only ones who can fight him.

We have the episodes here on Xana's Lair, so come check them out!



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