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Code Lyoko: Generation

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Code Lyoko: Generation

Post by TechnoSam on Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:12 pm

Welcome to the topic for my FanFiction series, Code Lyoko: Generation! This is the place where all discussion of the series will go, and where I'll let you know about updates.

50 years have passed since the Lyoko Warriors thought they destroyed XANA... Too easily they assumed he was gone. When XANA rises again, they aren't around to save the world, and their descendants must take the task upon themselves! XANA grows far more powerful than he ever was, and the new Lyoko Warriors' strength will be tested to the utmost. Who will win this battle for humanity? Find out in Code Lyoko: Generation!

Index of the Books

Book 1

(FanFiction.net Link)

Above is the index for the entire series. I have two full books completed, and Book 3 has four chapters, but I'm gonna start with Book 1 to give the people who have never read it a little time. You'll see edits appear where I add to the index, and delete this little explanation here.

General Notes:
~The Characters in the story are based off of me and my friends. Most of you know the details with that, but if you don't, PM me, and I'll tell the tale.
~Book 1 is 60,000 words long. Book 2 is 70k.
~All art is done by lastmanstanding. He draws the pics and I color them.
~This assumes Code Lyoko ended at the end of Season 4. It's possible that it could still work after Evolution, but I doubt it. For those who know how XANA survived, I'm sure you know what I'm thinking.
~Clicking the image takes you to the PDF. You really want to read the PDF, trust me. The FF.net is really only for people who just have to read it there. If you want, I can email you the PDF. Just send me a PM.
~I have not edited any of the Books for spelling/grammar errors. If you encounter any of these while reading, I would greatly appreciate you telling me the page number and a description of the error.
~The story has a Wiki, but it needs some major reconstruction, so I won't post the link until I get it going.
~Some of you may have heard that I'm working on making an app for this story... Yes, I'm working on it, but it's slow.
~I will post updates on the CL-Evolved Forum and link them here.

A few requests:
~Since this one topic is going to be for six books, I would like to have a little organization. If you have a comment or question not related to the current topic of discussion (or if there isn't one, like right now since the topic just started) I would appreciate you informing the rest of us which particular book or chapter you are referring to, or if you are referring to the whole series.
~I would also request that you put your reviews/comments, suggestions, or questions here in this topic, not on CL-E or FF.net.

Thanks a bunch! Enjoy the story!!

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