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Two Worlds One Heart

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Two Worlds One Heart

Post by naruto'sramengirl on Wed May 09, 2012 3:52 pm

I've got a new fanfic up. It's YxU, and it's kind of a Lady and the Tramp vibe. It's called Two Worlds One Heart.

Yumi has always loved to go against the rules of rich society. Ulrich has always believed in a dog-eat-dog world and that he's doomed to be a delinquent forever. But after a coicindental meeting, the two begin to rethink their outlook on the world and love.

Here's a little snippet for your curiousity.

"I just don't understand why you two insist on going to this abominable public school." Mr. Ishiyama said to his daughter and his

"Oh, Takeo, be reasonable. They want to be like regular people. You know, they want to see how the majority of teens actually
behave." Mrs. Ishiyama told her husband. "And I don't blame you two at all. Rich people tend to act like rich, spoilt brats. And I think this
would be quite a humbling experience for you."

"There's nothing humbling about it! You two could get kidnapped—or murdered! Teens who go to public school—especially a school like Kadic—is bound to be filled with delinquents and future hardened criminals."

"Dad, please. You throw a fit no matter what we do." Yumi mumbled as she stared out the window of the limo. They were all in the back seat of the family stretch limo. Yumi and her younger brother, Hiroki, were about to start the school year at Kadic Academy. A public boarding school.

"Yeah, Dad. Poor people can't be that bad. Mommy's family was poor before she married you."

"We were middle class." Mrs. Ishiyama said through gritted teeth. "And
don't say it like that. You make me sound like a gold digger."

"Akiko, I know you're not. I married you before I even got my riches. My family was a bit well off, but I definitely not the millionaire that I am today. I know you love me for me." Mr. Ishiyama doted. He kissed his wife on the cheek and snuggled up to him. Yumi and Hiroki were grossed out.

"Don't do that here where we can hear and see your every move!" Yumi said.

"Parents should be banned from lovey dovey stuff." Hiroki agreed.

"If it wasn't for 'lovey dovey stuff' you two wouldn't be born." Mrs. Ishiyama teased.

"WAY too much information." Yumi said.

"Well back to this public school business. I just don't like it."

"But we went to public school, and we turned out fine." Mrs. Ishiyama pointed out.

"True, but that was in Japan. I don't trust foreign education."

"We've lived all over the world!" Yumi exclaimed. "And we've lived in France for the past two years anyways. All I know is that I don't want to go back to that uptight Pine Hills Academy. It's too strict. You get detention if you don't walk straight!"
"And what's wrong with a little order?"

"Nothing. But I thought you didn't like the idea of me having a teacher conference because I didn't know which spoon to eat my soup with." Hiroki added.

"Well they are uptight. But you do need to know proper etiquette." Mr. Ishiyama admitted.

"Well let's just give this a trial run now, Takeo. We did promise them."

"You're right."

"Now you two be polite. Don't show off just yet. Try and make some real friends. And if you think we're letting any of these teenagers into our mansion, we'll send you to the asylum to have your minds checked." Mrs. Ishiyama declared.

"Yes, Ka-san." Yumi and Hiroki chimed.

"Oh! And one more thing." Mr. Ishiyama said as the limo pulled up the front of the school. "No—and I mean absolutely—no dating! At least not until I have done a thorough background check on every boy that goes to this
school!" he yelled.

"Don't worry, Dad. I will forever be your virgin daughter." Yumi mumbled. She was seventeen! What was with this
third degree? See, this is why she hasn't had a proper boyfriend. They were either there for the money or they were ran off by dad's military-spy entourage.
"That's all I ask." Mr. Ishiyama beamed at her. Yumi and Hiroki kissed their parents goodbye and stepped out of the limo.

Theylooked at the school grounds and the building itself. It was tall, old building. It looked more like the State Penitentiary than a local
school. They didn't put eliminate the idea of future-criminals attending here just yet. Students were walking around, talking and just hanging out. Several did pay attention at the arrival and departure of the limo, and were now pointing and whispering at the two siblings . . . so much for not showing off.

"Well, sis. Good luck, to ya." Hiroki said as he looked up at his sister.

"We can do this, Hiroki. We're tough." Yumi reasoned. The truth was both felt like their insides were still on the limo with dear, old mommy and daddy.

Here's a link. Hope you like it!

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Re: Two Worlds One Heart

Post by Atlas on Sat May 12, 2012 2:09 pm

Appreciate the snippet. Would have had to tell you to link otherwise if I didn't see it on the bottom.

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