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Interviews Empty Interviews

Post by SeeMeInTheShadows on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:01 pm

Interviews with the members of XL.

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Interviews Empty PeaceKeeper2014

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:59 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first ever XL interview. This will hopefully be the start of a successful series of interviews. Our guest for the night is non-other than PeaceKeeper2014!

Any comment/question should be either posted on the other topic or pmed to me. Please refrain from posting anything on this topic.

Interviewer: LegendOfTheSky
Interviewee: PeaceKeeper2014

For those who don't know you, would you mind introducing yourself?

*Hey, my name's Peace Keeper 2014. I'm a writer and CL Super fan!

When have you first started writing fiction?

*It was last year, 2011. Started out late 2011.

What motivated you to start writing?

*My love of writing and CL drove me to write fan fiction and I never regretted it. Smile

When were you first introduced to Code Lyoko and how?

*It was back when I was about 6-8 years old. I got so bored one day, I kept flicking through channels until I found it and I stayed with it since then. Smile

Are there any specific elements about the show that you liked the most?

*Well, technically no. Cause, I loved everything about it. It was very entertaining with some great suspense, action, and a lot of personality in it and it's very unique from other cartoons with a very sustaining plot. Smile

What was your first ever published piece of fiction?

*It was Code Lyoko: Rookie, published late last year and finished earlier this year.

You seem to consistently publish long stories with a high average word count. How do you keep yourself committed to your stories?

*I seem to commit myself to them because of the fact that I love writing and bringing out my imagination and also bringing high octane entertainment and also making Lyoko enjoying for all. I seem to really inspire myself to get it done and to enjoy it.

You also seem to be really good at graphical art. What programs do you use and where did you get the idea of making posters/trailers for your stories?

*Well, I use Pixlr for all posters and Roxio 2011 for trailers. The idea for me to start those was when TechnoSam wrote his and started to make posters. So, I said why not and I started to do it. OriginallyMeGurl started to inspire me on YouTube to make trailers.

What is the story you are most proud of, and why?

*I was mostly proud of Code Lyoko Rookie because it started a whole new thing for me. It really made a lot of people enjoy it and also started my current project, Battleship:Code Lyoko. Without Rookie, none of the new awesome stories I'm writing would never exist. I'm really proud of my first CL project.

What do you think of reviews? are you concerned with how many you get?

*Reviews, for me, are like notes. They tell you what you need to know. But, also, they are like teachers. You do well, they tell you. You need to fix anything, they will tell you what you need to improve on. But, I am very concerned with how many I get.

Before we leave the subject of FanFiction, do you have any comments on the "purge" of M rated fictions/latest updates to the site (image manager/new sorting types for story listings)?

*I think it's very important to be... A little free minded when it comes to M fics. I know we are trying to be appropriate about this, however we should be a little non-restrictive about M ratings and what not. M stories are storie that really try to be different from others.

We never seem to get the right balance when it comes to such issues.

Moving on, what was your first ever forum experience?

*Well, it was really along time ago, about 2009 on Battlefield Heroes game forum.

Apparently, you like war movies and games. Is there a reason for that?

*Well, I have a strong military background and very very strong respect for the military and all branches. Also, war games grab me because of the fact it rushes me and really gives me a chance to practice my tactical finesse. Also, they are fun.

All respect and gratitude for our brave soldiers everywhere.

Why PeaceKeeper2014?

*Someday, I'd like to keep the peace in anyway. Also, the year 2014 is when my favorite game takes place. Battlefield 3 takes place 2014. And, my favorite unit in Red Alert 3 is a Peace Keeper. Smile

How did you find XL and what made you register/stay?

*After CLV had shut down, people told me about this place and I wanted to continue to do what I love.

If you were admin for one day, what would you do?

*I have no idea. Everything that is possible, I guess. I don't really know specifically. But, I would do things that are possible while being admin.

What do you want to see in Season five?

*Well, anything. Season five is going to be AMAZING. Heck, if there are tanks involved, that'll make things even more exciting! But, anything can happen and I wanna see what they do with it. It's going to be amazing.

Ten years from now, where do you see yourself and what would you be doing?

*Either in the US Navy or military in general. Or, big alternative, actor, writer, author, reporter, or soldier. Whatever works.

That was very specific.

Who is your idol?

*My dad is my idol. He's a great man and an awesome father.

What is your favorite/least favorite word?

*My favorite is Fire, because of Battleship! My least favorite word is divided.

What is your favorite curse word?

*F@ck. XD

Name one thing you can not live without.

*I can't live without my family or without the girl of my dreams.

Do you have an addiction?

*Do Shrooms count? Na. I think CL, Halo, Battlefield, and Battleship is just ONE addiction.

Favorite book and author?

*Battlefield 3: The Russian by McNeil. Idk his first name, but the book was awesome.

It's your funeral, your family, relatives and best friends are there. What would you want them to say about you?

*I would want them to tell the truth about me and also remember the good days. When I die, my funeral should be about the true me and the memories they shared when I was alive.

PeaceKeeper, it's been a pleasure to have you as my first guest. Would you like any last words?

*Thanks for having me and, yes, I do.

Thanks everyone for the best forum ever. Also, I would like to wish my father good luck at RIMPAC and a safe return. Also, read Battleship:CL, since I dedicate this piece to the US Navy, the service in general, and to all CL fans. And, thanks Soul Jelly. You're very awesome!


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Interviews Empty Re: Interviews

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:15 pm

Behold, the second interview with one of XL's oldest members ever! FF, CL, future work and... cats? it's the one and only Kittyclaw!

Interviewer: LegendOfTheSky
Interviewee: Kittyclaw

For those who have no insight, would you mind introducing yourself?

I'm Kittyclaw: super fluffy fanfic author, xl'er, cl fanatic.

When have you first joined FanFiction?

I joined right at the beginning of 2006, I believe, although I didn't begin posting stories until late 2007.

What made you start writing fics?

Umm, I'd always been writing stuff really. It wasn't until middle school that I realized I wasn't the only person on the planet that wanted to write things based on pre-existing stuff. From there I wandered onto ffn, and I never looked back.

What is the story you're most proud of?

Ooooh that's a tough one. I think it's a tie between To Fall From Grace and Window Shopping. TFFG was this rediculously long thing in which I attempted a lot of stuff I hadn't done before, mainly character death. It spent a long time in limbo before I finally finished it, so that was something else I was superproud of. As for Window Shopping, it was the first fanfic I ever posted so, definitely proud of making that first big leap into ff.

What is/are your favorite genre/s?

Is fluff a genre? Because that would be it! Otherwise I really like friendship and adventure, especially smished together, despite the fact that I don't write to much of it myself.

How would you describe your writing style?

I usually tell people that it's dialogue heavy. I just can't seem to manage the kinds of long descriptions other writer's can, I have to break it up with dialogue somewhere. Also I guess I would say it's kind of light? Like, I feel like I tend to write things soft and fluffy and fun rather than sad or powerful emotionally. Humor and fluff just come more naturally I guess.

Do you believe authors should be competitive?

I think there's always room for healthy competition in writing. Competing for the sake of self betterment as a writer is essential, I think, for anyone who want to call themself an author. And competition also sparks motivation, and the most important part of writing is that you do it often. As long as the focus is on improvement and not looking down on others, I certainly support author competition.

Do you ever envy other authors?

Yes, always XD There are so many authors out there better than me, and I wish I could be as brilliant as them all. But reading their works helps show me the paths to better writing--I learn something new with every new author I have an author crush on--so hopefully I'll get there one day!

“A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. ” Thomans Mann, a German novelist and 1929 Nobel Prize laureate said that. Do you agree?

Very much. A writer is and always will be their worst critic. We boast about our works and love to show them off, but at the end of the day, no matter how many times people tell us they look lovely, we'll always be able to find something wrong with them. And then find eight other stories that we think did what we wanted to do a thousand times better than we ever could have.

But a writer is also someone who doesn't ever stop writing just because they think it's difficult to do. And that's how we make it to being Nobel prize winners and such

Well said. Ever deleted a fiction you didn't like?

I feel kind of bad admitting it, but yes. Chapter stories started on a whim that never really had a chance to go anywhere. But while they're gone from ffn, I've never deleted a piece of writing completely. You never know when those old ideas might come in handy!

“I am neither a man nor a woman but an author.” What is it about authors that makes them crazy yet very unique?

I think it's the fact that we're artists, but not with the kind of medium most artists use. For most art, it's done with tools you don't use every day--brushes and paints or musical instruments or incredible body movements. We're using words, and we're using them following the same rules and techniques everyone learns in their life time. But we're using this thing that everyone has access to and turning it into painting and dancing and the expression of ideas and emotions in a way that is also stunning to look at and experience. We're literally taking something very ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Inspiring. Ever co-written a story?

I have! I've co-written two stories, both with RenaYumi--April Fool 6, on her ff account, and Frappe on mine (which was for the precursor to the xl sector competitions, actually. andwewonwoot!)

How different is it to co-write a story than to write it on your own?

Obviously you're no longer the one calling the shots, so you have to be willing to let some of your ideas go for the better of the story. But you're also getting insta-feedback on your work from someone as invested in the story as you are, which is awesome and really helps the writing process along. It's also incredibly motivating, and super fun to do.

How do you measure the "success" of a certain story of yours?

If I feel good about it, then I know it's successful. I think any of the writers reading this can relate to what I mean--you just know when what you've written has reached the place you wanted it to get to (of course, as writers we'll always think it could get a little close). And reviews and feedback certainly play a part--if people enjoy the story and it makes them laugh, cry, think, or invoke whatever emotions I may or my not have intended, then I've done what I set out to do and that's success as well.

True. You can publish a story that only achieves a single review yet you feel satisfaction and proudness. What do you think of reviews?

I think reviews are a wonderful tool for a writer--I've gotten some of the best feedback ever in reviews from random people who were kind enough to help a learning writer. It's a unique tool for writers, there's just nothing like feedback for improvement. But I do worry that authors on ffn are given the impression that it's all about the number of reviews on a story. For me what's more important is the quality of the review, what the person has to say about your work and how much they are able to offer to your future endevours. I love reviews, and I love long reviews even more.

Do you intend to leave FF at a certain point in time?

While I am beginning to move away from ff and focus more on my original works, I can't imagine ever leaving fanfiction completely. It's the place where I got my start after all, and I doubt I'll ever lose the fanfic bug for good.

Are you planning to publish an original piece of work in the near future?

I'm not sure how near in the future XD. But yes, I am working on some original stories, hopefully for publication at some point.

Will members of XL get a special discount?

Haha, maybe! I'd have to do something to thank you all for being such a wonderful and supporting writing community, after all.

Diplomatic answer saves the day. What was the craziest idea you have ever had for a story?

Oh dear, umm...Maybe The Necessities just for it being surprising. That or He Lives in You, because sometimes I think the scope of what I'm trying to do with it is pure craziness. But pushing boundaries is what being an author is all about, no?

Indeed. We move on from FanFiction to Code Lyoko. ALL of your stories are CL. When have you first seen the show?

Ohh boy, a long time ago. I honestly can't remember the first time I watched it, but I do remember being drawn in by a show whose look and story line was like no other I'd seen before. It didn't inspire the kind of explosion of stories most things would for me, but it did create ideas that stuck. I was so excited when I found the show back on the air a few years ago, and I can only hope they bring it back again!

They are bringing it back for sure with Evolution looming on the horizon. Can you name an element in CL that is unique and different from other shows?

There's something in the way they merge technology into the real world, that idea of a computer virus/program being able to have physical sway outside of a computer, and yet not be housed in some kind of robot or single entity that's carrying out the chaos, it's such a chilling look at the evolution of technology. And the way the show seems to flow between the computer realm of Lyoko and Earth, there's so much blurring of the lines between the two. I'm really looking forward to learning even more about the back-story of all this technology.

Who is your favorite character and why?

I think maybe Xana, because there's just so little that we know about him/it. And all of the stuff about Lyoko that was intro'd in season four, you get the feeling that there's something so big lurking just under the surface, and Xana's at the peak of it all. That, and he's just a plain awesome bad guy.

Tell me your XL story.

It's a funny story, actually. I'm friends with a fell cl fanfic'er, Terran34, who one day sent one of his friends my way. Apparently this friend was looking for help on a project he was doing, and because Terran and I were working together on stuff. This friend's name was Railen, and he had an idea for creating a Code Lyoko forum and wanted some feedback. Next thing I know I'm at cl.yourbb.nl trying to help him figure out how to make the website stop showing up in Dutch XD And the rest, as they say, is history.

[and because Terran and I were working together on stuff he tossed my name out there**]

What's the deal with XL? the community is not as big as other CL forums, but you get the feeling it's probably the friendliest forum on the internet.

I agree with that whole heartedly. I think we have Railen to blame for that, honestly. When he created XL it was with the simple intention of a friendly and fun site where people could talk about their favorite show.

I also think it helps that we're sort of a fanart focused site. I find the artists of fandoms tend to be incredibly welcoming and fun!

Who is/was your best friend on the forum?

While I have many, many friends here, I think the xlbff award goes to RenaYumi. I can't imagine a more amazing or brilliant person to be friends with, and I'm so glad we both decided to respond to the random pm's of a Belgian stranger and give this forum a shot.

It was meant to be. Who is your idol?

The incredible writers and artists on this site. Every last one of them does what they do for no other reason than the fact that they love it, and I can't help be constantly inspired by such passion.

Those writers and artists should be very proud. What is your favorite word?

I love the word delicious, because it feels like licorice when you say it and twizlers are my favorite guilty pleasure

What is your least favorite word?

Easy--Eying. It's another way to spell "eyeing," and it's technically correct, but it just...it looks weird.

What is your pet peeve?

I can't stand it when people are needlessly rude to one another.

What quality do you admire the most?

Determination. I find people who can stick with something and see it through to the end to be incredibly inspiring.

Always a mighty trait. Can you describe yourself in one word?

Yep: Author.

I am impressed. What would you like your friends and family to say at your funeral?

Hopefully nice things! Something about my writing and my friends, because both are such a big part of my life and mean so much to me.

Do you follow/practice any sport?

Not really, no. I'm just your average athletically challenged artsy kid.

Fan of any video game out there?

Does Solitaire count? Haha, no, not really. I love watching people play them but I don't really play myself.

Do you have an addiction?

Fanfiction, for sure. I just can't get enough of the stuff! And cookies.

What type of music do you prefer?

All of the above. My current playlist is a wild assortment of things, most all of which are tied to a story idea I've had at one point or another.

What is your favorite book?

I have to pick just one? Hmm. Either Watership Down by Richard Adams or Summerland by Michael Chabon.

What's with you and cats?

Haha, I knew that one was coming. I just love them. I have a handful at home, and I was an animal foster home for pregnant cats/kittens for years. There's just something incredible about a creature that lives in our laps and yet is still right on the edge of being a wild animal.

Ever written about them?

Only once, actually, when I included them in a cl one-shot. I just can't seem to capture such amazing creatures in words.

What is your advice for any starting author?

Write every day, and don't let anything discourage you. You're always twice as good as you think you are, and you can only get better from there.

Any last shout outs?

To pie, because I promised, and to all the incredible friends I've made, both on XL and FF.net. And, of course, to our lovely Railen, for without his vision and willingness to try something new none of this would be here for us today.

KittyClaw, one of FF's finest, it's been an honor and great pleasure.

Oh believe me, the pleasure's been all mine. Thank you so much!


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Interviews Empty Soul_Jelly

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:15 am

Third interview in this series of highly entertaining interviews. Our guest for the night is the rising star of FanFiction, Soul_Jelly.

Interviewer: LegendOfTheSky
Interviewee: Soul_Jelly

: We always start from the beginning. Introduce yourself, please.

: HIIIII. I'm Soul Jelly (or Soul or Jell or whatever) and I'm Code Lyoko fan, fanfiction author and, very occasionally, an artist.

: When did you register on FF?

: I've been around on it under various monikers for years, so I can't quite remember. I guess my very first account was sometime around 2006.

: Why change accounts?

: Eh... I'd always post something and then hate it or get bored of the fandom and move on. And it's probably a good thing I'm not associated with any of my old usernames from back when I was a complete n00b, let's be honest. =p

: Your writing style is very descriptive, is that something you try to focus on?

: I... guess so? I try not to be like, madly descriptive or anything (I think there is such a thing as too much description), but I do enjoy setting the scene. Most of my writing revolves around personal relationships between the cast and introspective character-study-type-things so I try to get into the characters' heads, which involves a lot of describing their emotions and thoughts, etc. I like breaking things up with dialogue too though. Dialogue is actually one of my favorite parts of writing.

: What is your least favorite part?

: Oh that's really hard!! Um, there's nothing I really hate about writing and if there is I probably subconsciously avoid it, ha. I guess writing regularly can be draining sometimes, especially keeping regular updates on multi-chapter fics. I also don't really like writing about pairings or characters that I don't enjoy (which is rare actually; I like everything in this fandom except OxA. =p). Oh and writer's block sucks too.

: Why did you start writing?

: I had to do assignments in school and from there I realized I had a bit of a flair for it. I've always loved to read too, and I'm fascinated by the whole idea of books and stories; you're basically seeing into the mind of another person (in a totally cool-not-creepy way) and connecting with people across space and time. I hope one day I can publish something really reaches out to people. In the meantime, writing is just really fun, especially when it's as interactive as FanFiction and fandom.

: When it comes to writing, do you focus on your strengths, weaknesses or both?

: First and foremost, I try to be aware of what my strengths and weaknesses actually are. XD and then I try to focus on both, because I know it's the only way to improve really. I try to write a variety of different things so I can work on something new or try a different writing style. I've learned something from everything I've written, and you can't ask for much more than that. ^^

: You have mentioned before that you are an English major. On a scale of 1 to Hitler, how grammar Nazi are you?

: Like, 1 or something. Ha ha. I really don't care how people write as long as I can understand them. There are just too many factors that you have to consider before you consider being a complete prescriptivist; like whether English is someone's first language, whether they're dyslexic, and so on and so forth. There are tons of reasons people's English might not be perfect and judging someone (or in terms of debate, as the situation often arises, disregarding their argument) because of it is kind of a cheap dig.

: How do you prevent yourself from getting distracted when you want to get something done?

: StayFocused! It's this really awesome app that blocks listed sites after an allocated amount of time. It's stopped me wasting my entire life on tumblr and reddit, it's genius.

: Do you write daily?

: I don't have time to, really. I do write weekly though; I have the Weekly Drabble Challenge to thank for that.

: How long does it usually take you to finish a 100 word drabble?

: I can usually reel one off in about ten minutes. It just gets to be a fiddly process towards the end, after you've conveyed your initial idea, of shaving off words or adding them to meet the limit.

: What is the toughest genre to write and why?

: WESTERN. That one drabble, I was so out of my depth!
But besides that... action and adventure take much more thought than something like romantic fluff, so I'd have to say that.

: When reviewing someone Else's story, do you give a critical review or just focus on what you liked?

: Unless people ask for criticism or unless it's someone I know quite well, I just focus on the positives. It's hard to gauge how people will react to crit and I hate the thought of accidentally putting someone off writing forever. XD

: Do you get disappointed if one of your stories doesn't get many reviews?

: Nah. It used to bother me when I was younger and naive and far more sensitive, but now I don't care in the slightest. I'm perfectly happy to have something sitting on my profile with no reviews; if I had fun writing it and learned from it, that's ultimately the most important point.

: From all your stories, what's your gemstone? what's the closest one to your heart and why?

: -looks at ff.net profile- Thus far, it's between my beloved drabble collection and 'And Onwards'. The former because they've been so much fun to write and some of my best ideas have been in there, and the latter because it was the first fic I published under this moniker, and I was pleased with it, and I had this feeling of "Right, that's it. I can do this." (By which I meant, "I'm confident enough to publish things without wanting to to tear them down a day later"

: Are you always critical of your writing or do you reach a state of satisfaction?

: A bit of both. I always look back after I've completed something and let it 'simmer' for a day or two and look at how I could have improved it (as such I'm always making slight alterations to my published fics) yet at the same time, I've gotten pretty good at shutting down my inner perfectionist and for the most part, I'm happy with how my writing turns out.

: Writing wise, what is your biggest regret?

: I'm... not even sure this is an appropriate answer. Let's just say there was this anon meme, and this completely absurd crack!pairing, and an M-rated request, and... well... yeah. The less said about that, the better. =p Besides that, I guess just.. not writing for as long as I did when I was at a bad stage in my life.

: When did you become acquainted with Code Lyoko?

: When I was like 10 or something. I can't remember the whole story, I just remember catching it on TV and being really fascinated by the whole 2D/3D thing and thinking Aelita was the cutest fictional character ever. I browsed the official, old forums for a bit, and I guess just kept coming back to the show over the years. And with the reboot on the horizon I decided to fully integrate myself into the fandom.

: Why Code Lyoko and not any other show?

: Oh, I have been obsessed with other shows as much as CL. You all should have seen me in my DBZ phase, lol. I guess never got so intensely obsessed with CL that I wore it out, though, which has let me keep coming back to it with a fresh interest.

: Who's your favorite Code Lyoko character and why?

: I can never quite decide, but it usually comes back to Sissi. There's a lot of depth to her, or at least the potential for it, which makes her a great character to write fic about. She gets some funny lines too. And speaking of funny; Jim is definitely a close second. What a guy. :')

: If you were asked to name your favorite three CL authors, who would you go for?

: Just three?! You're kidding me aren't you ;_; this fandom is so brimming with awesome people, I don't even... gah. I guess if I really had to narrow it down, I'd say Carth and Kitty and Vena. But really, that's a difficult question. I have a top ten, easy.

: I agree with you on that. Is there a certain type of fiction you would never read/pairing you can't stand?

: OxA. I just can't get behind it at all. (Sorry. =p) Besides that, there's really not a lot I won't read if it's well-written.

: And I was just starting to like you. Aside from Code Lyoko, do you write for any other fandom?

: Pfft. =p Not currently, but I've dabbled in absolutely tons of fandoms; mostly animated shows because that's all I watch, if I watch TV at all. Oh and, Harry Potter of course.

: With FF and CL out of the way, how did you stumble upon Xana's Lair?

: -shrugs- I was following this gingerbread trail and then it's all a blur... Next thing I know, I have an absurd post count and I'm writing more fanfiction than I've written in two years. I really cannot remember. I just ended up here. Somehow. XD

: You would say XL is a positive influence to you?

: Undoubtedly. Genuinely one of the best fandom communities I have ever been in in so many ways. It's inspiring and friendly and just all around a really lovely place. I'm still relatively new really, but it feels as though I've been here for years. <3

: Do you have a best forum friend?

: Eh... I'm friends with a fair few people on the forum but I don't know if any of them would consider me a best friend, since everyone is already so well-established. So I'll just say, I have many good forum friends. ^^

: That said, Vena is my JxA buddy for life. =p

: Who do you think is the craziest member?

: oh my gosh. Kelly or Atlas for sure.

: What's the weirdest question you have ever been asked?

: "What is George Washington's first name?" by the tiny pic captcha thingy. And I actually hesitated. fml.

: Do you believe in goats?

: Goats are the future.

: What is your favorite word?

: OBLONG. It's so silly-sounding. I'm also a fan of "shenanigans". And "jelly." I like words with double letters/that look symmetrical.

: What's your least favorite word?

: "Schedule" and "troll" because I can't pronounce them properly.

: What turns you on?

: A gripping plot-line and stunning character development.

: What turns you off?

: Needless drama

: What inspires you the most?

: This is going to sound really cheesy but... people who love what they do, and people who aren't afraid to go for what they want. I think mostly because they're the kind of qualities I'd like to embellish in myself.

: Not cheesy at all. What are your plans for the future?

: Finally, FINALLY publish my web comic, continue to write (FanFiction for now, and then an original novel when I have the time and energy for it), finding a decent job and, of course, beginning my collection of cats.

: What's your dream job?

: I'm not sure yet. Something in journalism or art. If I could write or draw for a living, that would be amazing.

: Favorite book?

: Lord of the Rings <3

: Tolkien's the man. Why is it your favorite?

: He really is. I love fantasy, and Tolkien's prose and world-building and characters are all absolutely brilliant. I love the depth to it.

: In the LOTR universe, what's your weapon of choice?

: The Bow of Galadrim, for sure. Wouldn't say no to a bad-ass sword though.

: Or, you know, The Ring of Power. Mwahaha.

: Have you watched the movies?

: I'm currently on an Extended Edition trilogy marathon with a couple of friends. We're about to watch the final disc. But I've seen the theatrical releases a couple of times, so yeah ^^

: Any thoughts on the witch king's death?

: Éowyn's one of my favorite characters and she totally deserved that kill. One of the most powerful scenes in book and movie, imo.

: Favorite band?

: I despise music. ...That's a total lie, but I just listen to whatever. haha. I like stuff like The Specials and Moby, and all classical music ever.

: Who's your idol?

: I don't really idolize anyone, but I have massive respect for my dad. He's a very inspirational person <3

: Aside from writing or watching T.V series, what can you be found doing?

: Drinking copious amounts of tea, going jogging, painting, cleaning The House That Would Not Stay Clean, and volunteer work. ^^

: What kind of volunteer work?

: I help out a youth club. The children are the most adorable ever and I've played more Monopoly in the last three months than I ever hoped to play in my entire life. The job also involves lots of swing-pushing and trying to break up civil war over who gets to go on said swings. It's very fun XD

: I guess it's not true that you like to torture innocent babies after all. Favorite food?

: Only on my off-days. PIZZA. AND CAKE. Not at the same time, though now that one mentions it...

: Name one thing you can not live without

: Books and the Internet. (Yeah I know ¬¬)

: What is your wildest fantasy?

: Oh gosh I don't even know. Something that involves being obscenely rich and ridding the world of societal oppression. With lots of cups of tea.

: also a huge pillow fort.

: Describe yourself in one word.

: Creative.

: Left-handed/Right-handed?

: Right handed, except I hold a knife and fork as though I'm left handed, which is really weird o_o

: Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black?

: Rebecca Black; she's the ultimate "damn it, I could have done that... but I didn't". Props to her. I won't even grace Justin Beiber with a comment.

: Solar eclipse/Lunar eclipse

: Solar eclipse, they look awesome.

: Cats/dogs

: Cats =p

: Pencil and paper/Computer

: Pencil and paper. Because you can doodle in the margins when you get bored ^^

: Any last words?

: Shout-out to everyone on XL <3 I can't list you all because I'd be here practically forever, but have some love you wonderful people <3

: Soul, it's been a pleasure.

: Pleasure's all mine. Thanks for a super fun interview!


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Interviews Empty AeonFrodo

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:54 pm

This should have been up like... idk, surely way earlier than today. Blame's on me.

The fourth interview in this wonderful collection. Our guest for the night is half hobbit half assassin... you can't beat that. AeonFrodo is here.

For the sake of introductions and whatnot, would you mind introducing yourself?

Well, I'm AeonFrodo. I'm twenty years old and I'm a huge Code Lyoko, Digimon and Fire Emblem fan. I'm a fanfic writer mainly focusing on the CL fandom at the moment.

When have you first joined FanFiction?

Way back in 2005, when I was learning how to write stories properly. Fanfiction was just practice for me back then. It still is today, but now it's not my primary reason why I write

What was your first published story?

It was a Digimon story called Sora's Little Sister. It's hilarious looking back on it since I made a lot of mistakes, but it was a good starting point. It had a good reception while it lasted

Looking back at your starting days, has your style changed?

It's less dialogue heavy, and a lot more psychological. I guess it's to do with my interest in Psychology starting from 2008, and just getting older and mature. I was only 13 when I first joined, and I was pretty immature for my age back then.

You were learning how to write stories properly for what reason?

I always liked storytelling since I could remember. When I was in Grade 4, I was taught about the basics of narratives, so when I went to my tutor, he noticed that I was very interesting in writing, so he decided to dedicate some lessons to teach me how to write. It took a long while for me to make characters seem three dimensional, which was at the end of 2005. And from then on, I just wanted to improve. I guess that's the long winded answer, but yeah, I simply wanted to improve each time I wrote.

Is your work episodic or do you have other methods?

Well, I actually have 90%-95% of the story already written before I post the first chapter up to keep with consistent updating. Well, that's what I do now. I didn't do it before Pretty Hate Machine

Is it easier this way?

It definitely feels a lot easier. You don't have the pressure to write quickly enough to keep up with what fans of the story want. Plus it only takes between 5-15 minutes of my day to upload something, as opposed to writing something during the week in a rush to get it done for the fans. It's made my writing a lot better too

You have written for Digimon, Fire Emblem, Code Lyoko, and Sands of Destruction. Do you have a favorite fandom?

Well, I've only been deeply involved in the Code Lyoko and Fire Emblem fandoms, and out of those two, Code Lyoko has been a lot better for me. With the Fire Emblem fandom, I was pretty much a **** to the internet back then, so I didn't really connect with the Fire Emblem fans. If I do join a Fire Emblem forum again, it'll be a fresh start. Sands of Destruction doesn't have much of a fandom that I know of, while I haven't been involved in any Digimon forums yet.

Describe your writing style in one word.

I don't think one word could describe my writing style.

What are your thoughts on what is called writer's block and how do you deal with it?

Writer's block sucks. What I normally do is focus on another project, whether it's an original piece or another idea to get it down to clear my head. It works most of the time for me.

When were you first introduced to Code Lyoko?

I first heard of it on Toasted TV, when they were introducing Code Lyoko to their lineup. Funnily, I didn't get to see an episode until Cruel Dilemma, however, I only saw the end of that episode. Three days later, I watched my first full episode, Satellite, and I was hooked onto the show

Despite being a "kids show", Code Lyoko has a diverse fan-base from all over the world, why is that?

It's a unique cartoon. Usually the characters in heaps of kids shows have superpowers or their animal partners have powers. This diverts from the formula because the Lyoko Warriors have to go to Lyoko to get their powers and are vulnerable on Earth. Not to mention it's one of the few kids shows where the kids are in danger to losing their lives

Is there a specific element about Code Lyoko that you like the most?

Yeah. I really love how complex the characters are, especially my favorite character, Ulrich Stern. He's heroic and tries to save anybody, even if he doesn't like them. And then there's his social relationships with everybody, where he treats each person differently, even each individual in his group of friends.

That answers the "your favorite character" question. What inspired you to write Pretty Hate Machine?

Primarily 'Head Like a Hole' by Nine Inch Nails.

Can you give a brief summary?

Well, it was March 7th and I finally decided to give the new Nine Inch Nails song a listen a week after they've been out on the Rock Band Music/song Store (DLC). I fell in love with the song instantly. It wasn't until I listened to the song again four days later that I came up with a story plan for Pretty Hate Machine, inspired by the lyrics of Head Like a Hole.

What are reviews to you?

A good sign that people are reading and paying attention to the story. It's also a way that I can talk to the reviewer if they bring up something really interesting or pointed out something that's wrong in my story (If it's grammatical or a spelling error)

Is the number of reviews you receive a concern to you?

If I had no reviews, I would be wondering if people liked it or not. But more than that, I don't worry about it at all. I was surprised with the amount of reviews I had gotten with Pretty Hate Machine actually, especially when it was first uploaded.

Do you read more than you write or is it the other way around?

It's the other way around, sadly. I wish I did read more though.

What's the story you are most proud of?

Pretty Hate Machine. I was actually depressed (diagnosed with it) at the time I was writing it, so with my feelings of grief, sorrow and anger while being inspired by music not only helped with dealing with my depression but by doing something productive and what I loved doing made me proud I could write even during the darkest moments of my life.

What's your favorite genre?

I don't have a favorite genre in particular. I just think as long as its written well for its genre I would like it

What do you look for when reviewing a story?

If it's something really serious, I would want something to keep me guessing. And if it's not that serious, just how well the idea is executed. For both, I would try to find any really bad grammatical or spelling errors that the author may have missed while proofreading.

What's the best review you have ever received?

When Queen called me an evil genius. I could not stop laughing because in the context of the fic, it was true.

Do you have any taboos when it comes to writing or reading?

Going into too much detail about very sensitive issues, such as rape. There are readers out there who are sensitive to that sort of stuff, and if it's not treated in the right way, it could lead to serious consequences to somebody's reputation. I do push the boundaries, but while pushing the boundaries, I do my best to not overstep them.

Xana's Lair was created in 2008. How did you find the place?

I think Railen was advertising it on my main Code Lyoko forum at the time, Lyoko Geniuses. As a moderator there at the time, I decided to investigate and join XANA's Lair. I believe there were less than 30 members at the time I joined so it was really early days.

How long did you stay active?

Between school and other stuff, I guess I was active for at least six months that time.

Who do you miss the most?

WeaponFanfic. I really looked up to that guy for writing.

Where do you rank XL on your favorite forums list?

1. It just has a really awesome community, and a mix of old and new fans of Code Lyoko.

Do you have a best forum friend?

I dunno. I have a lot of forum friends, but none that stick out as the best one. I believe my forum friends are awesome in their own way.

You listen to lots of music and are quite a fan of Rock Band. Why is music such a big part of your life?

Heaps of my family play instruments, in particular, my mother's side where there are heaps of guitarists and singers. Right now I'm pretty much following in my cousin's footsteps in playing bass guitar, and hoping to get into a band the more I practice it.

Favorite band/s?

Nine Inch Nails, Incubus, Pink Floyd, Matchbox Twenty, Soundgarden, No Doubt, Foreigner, Yes, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Daft Punk, The Presets, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Avenged Sevenfold, INXS, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Muse, Rush, Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles, Train, Gorillaz, Grateful Dead, The Bee Gees, Scissor Sisters, Savage Garden, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Santana, Phish, Tina Arena and KT Tunstall, Rage Against the Machine and David Bowie .


I know, I have a lot of favorites. There's others that I like too, but mainly because of one song.

What is your dream job?

To help children and adults with Autism

What is your favorite word?


Least favorite word?


Who's your idol?

In my life, my mother, mainly because she's been there for me and spent countless hours to deal with problems that I'm involved in but are beyond me. On the internet, it's Keeper, because he can see rationally through every situation and accepts people just as they are.

You live in Australia. What are the advantages/disadvantages of living on the other side of the world?

Well, you know more than likely English speakers are from England or North America, so you know their timezones relative to your own. Plus you're in the future, which is cool.

Problem with living in Australia that barely anybody is on during the early hours of the night, so there's nobody to talk to unless there are other Australians. Also, you have to stay up late or wake up early to speak to people from England.

Speaking to people from England should be worth the effort. What was your happiest moment?

I have no particular one. There are too many

Are you into video games?

Yes. I've been playing video games since I was two years old

What's your favorite console?

Game Boy Advance (SP), it just had so many awesome games. Fire Emblem, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Poke'mon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, remakes of the first two Final Fantasy games

Are you competitive when it comes to gaming?

Definitely. Especially when playing against my younger brother

Who's got more wins?

It depends on which game. My brother is way better than me at Halo and (Ultimate) Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but I'm better than him in RPG games, especially Fire Emblem and Poke'mon games

What's the most competitive game you have ever played?

Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, and to some degree, Rock Band and Mario Kart Wii.

Name one thing you cannot live without

My laptop

Do you regret anything?


When you're not on FF, where can you be found?

Xana's Lair, Deviantart, Tumblr, Skype, YIM

Do you believe in goats?

I guess so... :/

Any last words/shout outs?

Just want to say I'm working on the Pretty Hate Machine sequel at the moment. Hopefully it'll be released at the end of the year. Stay tuned for a date!

We will for sure. AeonFrodo, it's been a pleasure having you.

Thanks, it was fun.


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Interviews Empty Re: Interviews

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:15 pm

Resurrection is the main theme in this interview. No, I did not interview him you silly people. This interview section has been officially brought back to life. Soak in your surroundings because it is indeed the most beautiful thing you can find on the internet. Cat pics don't count.

Tonight I bring you an interview that will be one year old in three months. To be specific, it was conducted on Jul 23, 2012 7:01:47 AM. I am definitely to blame for this because it happened around the time I was slightly shifting my focus away from the community, but let us not dwell on past history. The star of the show in this episode is none other than the always informed, Tsunamix.

Interviewer: LegendOfTheSky.
Interviewee: Tsunamix.

Would you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Tsunamix. News Deliverer for Code Lyoko Evolved, Xana's Lair and Lyoko Freak, won 2011 Most Devoted in the CLV Awards and author of the Project Scipio trilogy.

When did you first join FanFiction?

February of 2010, but I didn't write my first story until two months later.

Before FanFiction, did you use to write anything?

I drew comics back in 2006-07. But I HATED how they turned out: The drawings were bad and the ideas and dialogue were like something that a kindergartener would write. I still cringe whenever I think about them.

What was your first published story?

Code Lyoko: Project Scipio. Published on April 6th, 2010.

Do you write because you have something to say or is it because you simply want others to read your work?

Both. When I first got obsessed with Code Lyoko back in 2009, I had this idea in my head for a movie based off the series. Knowing the infeasibilities and my desperation to make my idea heard, I mustered up the courage to get the first chapter published on FF.Net and make myself heard (or in this case seen).

How successful do you think your Project Scipio trilogy has been?

'Successful' is such a broad term. I tend to look at it as how much it had an impact on me and my story-telling abilities. To be honest, I'm really pleased with how it turned out when comparing it with previous works I've done. PS (Project Scipio) really showed to me what I could really do as a writer, even if I felt that it could've been a lot better. Race for Control served as the best example of improvement that I've ever seen in my works; I'm really proud of it and I consider it to be my best work. Scipio III, though with only six chapters so far (three of them published), is made to show off my fullest potential with near-zero limitations and a fresh new cast. So yes. In terms of my viewings of the stories, I'd say they're more successful than I imagined.

Does the number of reviews you get concern you?

Let me be honest: When I first wrote this, I didn't care how many people were watching it. All I wanted was for someone to show up and say that I'm doing a great job, nothing more. With 200 something reviews on my first story, I believe I accomplished just that. I've been getting fewer reviews ever since, but now I realize that it just doesn't matter. People I know are reading and reviewing it and that's enough for me.

That’s an attitude to be proud of. Describe your writing style in one word. (((Mr.Suna takes a couple minutes))) That's a long one word…

It's impossible. As an author, my writing style isn't just something you can sum up. When an author writes, he explores many different boundaries and themes. You can't just write a well-crafted story and have only a brief description of how you write; writing styles vary as the author progresses. Be it the same story or a different one in the series, one's style is never set in stone.

Interesting take. What inspired you to make PS?

As I mentioned before, I had an idea floating around in my head when my obsession for CL first came about. That combined with my desire to improve over my mistakes and not give a damn what people think served as inspiration enough to put my story out there.

How long did it take you to finish the first part?

Nine months. From April 6th 2010 to January 11th, 2011.

When getting to write something, do you have the whole story already written and planned or do you publish as you go? This is the classic organic vs. outlining discussion.

It's kind of a hybrid. I'll have an outline mapped out when I'm posting my first chapters, but something will come up and I'll be like 'Oh, I should make him do this.' or 'oh, this guy should have that guy do that instead of this guy'. When that happens, I be sure to take mental notes and save it for reference for a later chapter.

Do you write more than you read or vice versa??

Because of real life and occasional writer's block, I don't write as often as I would like to. When I read, it's mostly reading over my unpublished chapters and seeing what I can improve on them or reading over my old stories and see what revisions I could make. That being said, I'd say I read more than write.

What's the best review you have ever received?

I don't single out my reviews. Everyone has something to say, be it compliments or criticism, and none is any better than the other. Every review is unique and neither is more helpful or harmful than any other.

You are too good for your own good. What is the toughest genre to write?

Anything involving sex. Not because of any morals, but because I suck so much at writing about it. I tried it once, and even though it was pretty tame, I hated how I wrote it.

How do you deal with writer's block?

I take a break, pace around a bit and even act out my scenes. That usually gets the creative juices flowing again.

When were you first introduced to Code Lyoko?

When I was first introduced, it was back in 2003. Even though I liked it, I just considered it to be another show; I wasn't obsessed nor did I know about the immense fan base surrounding it. It wasn't until 2009 when I was reintroduced to the show after not watching it for 3-4 years that I became part of the fan base, even if it was slowly dying at the time and the heyday was long gone. But then CLU came and I became part of the Season 5 coalition and my devotion remained strong even in the darkest times.

You are often recognized as a news deliverer, one that is renowned by quite a few people in the community. How did that happen?

I didn't choose to be a news deliverer. At the time though, I was pretty much the only one who was on top of CL news (aside from SearchingLyoko). Nevertheless, I managed to uncover a few things that caused quite a stir before SL could find them (such as the infamous Cyrus//Bieber PowerPoint on MoonScoop's site a year ago). Eventually, I just found more and more news and passed it down to the various forums. Unfortunately, as MoonScoop's social networking grew, more people discovered news before I could and I was left to pass on the news to LyokoFreak and XL. Nevertheless, I feel I contributed a lot during that tenure and I hope again to find the next big thing before anyone else.

Aside from the Code Lyoko news topic, you're not that much active on XL. Why is that?

I'm not much of a social person. I refrain from posting unless I feel I have something to contribute or when I see an unanswered question that I could easily solve. I'm not one to just make idle chat; I save that for YIM and Skype.

Aside from writing, do you have other hobbies?

Chatting with friends, browsing world news, video games, YouTube karaoke, and video making.

What is your favourite word?


Least favourite word?


Who would you consider your idol?

French house music duo Daft Punk.

One more time. What are your plans for the future?

To get an MBA and start my own restaurant.

What's your favourite food?

For breakfast, bagels with cream cheese. For lunch/dinner, Mexican or Italian food. For dessert, tiramisu.

Name one thing you cannot live without.


I see what you did there. Do you regret anything?

Drawing comics.

What was the happiest moment in your life?

When I met Green Bay wide receiver Greg Jennings when he visited my town after one of the high schools there won the state basketball championship.

What's your strength?

Plot twists and irony.

Irony is not easy to achieve, unless we’re talking about real life. Your weakness?


Where do you want to travel?

France. To meet Tania Palumbo and the guys at MoonScoop.

What's your biggest achievement?

Winning gold at the National Latin Exam.

Are you a perfectionist?

Yes, I aim for the best possible. I don't aim for perfection because no such thing exists.

Do you have an addiction?

Does compulsive news browsing count?

I am in a generous mode, yes. Any last words?

Cowboy Bebop is overrated.

Wise verses. Tsunamix, it's been a pleasure.

You too.


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Interviews Empty Re: Interviews

Post by Guest on Sat May 25, 2013 6:55 pm

Once again, welcome to the latest installment of this marvelous series of interviews. Tonight we bring you entertainment in the form of a piece of the poison loving Cya's mind. Apologies to Cya for such late submission of the interview. Don't poison me plxxxxxxx.

Interviewer: LegendOfTheSky
Interviewee: cya6

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Sure! Cya6, or on fanfiction, Cyanide6

What’s the significance of your name and why did you choose it?

Well, for some time now I've had a sort of fascination with poisons and the like. Cyanide was my current favourite. 6 has no significance, it just sounds cool.

Intriguing. When did you first join FanFiction.net?

September of 2011.

what motivated you to register?

Years ago when I first heard about fanfiction, I was intrigued. Instantly I was forbidden to go on the site by my parents, but eventually I had actually written a few chapters of a story, and begged them to let me post it. And they relented, so I made my account to post the story.

If I may ask, what were their reasons for prohibiting you from accessing the site?

They didn't let us go online at all. They thought it would be dirty and didn't like the idea of us interacting with people online. They probably thought they were all 40 old perverts.

You'd be surprised. Did you use to write fiction before that?

Oh, I've been writing stories since I was ten. Probably before, but I was ten when I started my first real story. I didn't write fanfiction until years later.

Can you recall what that first story was about?

I still have it! It was about a girl who was really a princess from a fantasy world. She had this dog that had magical powers and protected her until she turned 11, I think, when she would receive the powers. When she was a baby, the castle was attacked, she was sent to Earth, and adoptive parents raised her. But the dog was stolen by some evil sorcerer and she was teleported to the magical world to get him back. Typical story-line. I was ten.

I really want to read it now. When getting to plan for an upcoming piece of work, which method do you follow, organic (modify and adapt as you go- you may not even know the ending) or outline (everything’s cemented from the start)?

Really depends on the story. I have a few elaborate storylines and outlines written down and saved somewhere for some stories. For others, I just have a general idea and write to adapt to that. It can change for some, but it's a lot more cemented for others. I mean, I could definitely go through and constantly fix my work. I'm always surprised when people like it. But actually, I'm pretty proud of my writing and feel it's pretty good. I could critique it forever, but it's one of the few things I'm good at.

How much do you value reviews?

Higher than I should. Reviews mean a ton to me, especially ones that are more story specific, as in, actually addressing something in the story, versus just saying the story's good. But reviews are my favourite things to get out of a story, and something I could read forever, just to see that people do like my stories.

I share the same when it comes to story specific reviews. What is the best review you have ever received?

Oh god, that's tough. I don't think I could answer it truthfully. I've had a lot of great ones. Some of the most useful have been one author who gives pure constructive criticism, and very little compliments, but as useful as those are, they're far from my favourite XD Probably my favourites have been from repeated reviews on Betrayal, Revenge, and the Rise of the New Order

What’s the story you’re most proud of and why?

Probably Betrayal, Revenge. It's my first full length fic, the first I ever finished, and it combines all my favourites’ elements in a story. It was also my first Code Lyoko story, probably my second fanfic.

Do you regret writing something?

Like, one of my fanfics? Not really. Even my Twilight fanfic XD The closest to regret that I have was this dumb little poem I made, because it wasn't well done. And I'm not a fan of poetry, so it came out overly soppy.

If you don't regret a twilight fic then you don't regret anything in life. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to writing?

Oh god, I could go on. Um, XD Probably rushing things. It causes so many problems. Under explained events, confusing events, but most irritating to me is underwhelming reactions in characters. Nothing will make me hate writing like under expressed grief. That's probably the sole worse thing I see in fanfictions, is when a character dies, and there is maybe a sentence or two talking about it before everyone forgets. Forgets everything. And that drives me insane. It's in more than just fanfics, it annoys me in published works as well. Character death with underwhelming reactions, probably.

Totally agree. You lose connection with the character at such time. Do you think certain genres are harder than others?

I mean, I'm sure there are. Action's super tough to write, because if you put in too many details the reader gets bored, but not enough, and no one has any idea what the hell is going on. Also romance is really hard for me. Probably because as a person, I'm uncomfortable with touchy feely things. The whole cuddling/snuggling/fluffy thing leaves me feeling like I need to take a shower, fast. Which is just me, but it makes that kind of writing really hard.

What are your future plans regarding FF and writing in general?

I would love to continue the stories I have and write new ones as my fandoms increase. Whether or not I could actually see myself doing it is based heavily on whether I can pull myself out of the depression I've fallen into, and get my motivation back. I love writing, and have a ton of ideas, but have no motivation to cultivate them and put them on paper.

Wish you all the luck with that. When did you first start watching CL?

Years ago, when I was maybe 11-12, I watched, maybe 4 or 5 episodes, cause it was right on before Teen Titans. Forgot about it for years until probably 2011, when my sister was like "Hey, do you remember that Code Lyoko show?" We checked out a few episodes from the library, before downloading the whole show.

Does this element of showcasing vulnerability make it special from other shows?

Absolutely. It's, in my experience, really rare in children's shows. Even in the most real, best children shows, the kids are these immortal superheroes, and nothing can touch them. Even when they're in trouble, their eyes are looking for escape or a way to fight out. The Lyoko Warriors are different than that. When they're in trouble, they're stuck. You see that. You feel that. They're not analysing the situation, like their tacticians in a war. They're scared high school kids, in over their head, who are stuck. They face it. They're brave. And that's what makes it such a good show to me.

Can you relate to any of the characters?

Sissi for the longest time. I've talked long about her. I just don't face any of the problems the others face. But her issue of being looked down upon by the one person whose opinion means most to her, and how that's turned her into a really bitter person resonates with me. Not so much now, but a few months ago, I knew how that feels. And it kills. So, sorry, not any of the Lyoko Warriors XD

What’s your favourite episode and X.A.N.A. attack?

Episode would have to be something Jeremie centred. So, Double Trouble, Franz Hopper, or Temptation. Possible Temptation. And in terms of favourites attack... Ghost Channel. When they're trapped in the alternate Earth.

Ghost channel always comes up in every fav attack topic. Before XL, were you part of any other CL dedicated forum?

No. Until I found XL, the only forums I have been on were the forum section of ff.net

How did you discover the enigma that is XL?

Dr. J posted a story and in the summary it said "For Xana's Lair 100 word drabble contest" I was swamped with work and was feeling really exhausted with work, so since I love challenges and thought drabbles were cool, I googled "Xana's Lair" and joined on a whim. And at first, I was terrified to post XD

How long did it take you to post and get into rhythm with the rest of the members?

A couple days, I think. It wasn't all that long. I just remembered how petrified I was at first.

What’s the best thing about the forum in your opinion?

I feel it's the people. A lot of the things there are cool, but I have a hard time keeping up with the challenges, the games wax and wane in popularity, and character discussion comes and goes, but it's mainly the people for me.

Always the people. Is there a particular event that you would like to see again?

I remember during Halloween we had a slew of really cool challenges. We never got through them, because real life got in the way. But they were the coolest. It was like, the corn maze, and the haunted house and stuff...

Sounds cool indeed. Where can the forum improve? Any suggestions?

Oh god, I really don't know. This is why I could never be an admin. I look at it, think 'huh, looks good' and don't give it a second thought... Sorry!

Hahaha it's ok. What’s the deal with asylums?

Oh god. XD I have a somewhat morbid fascination with that kind of thing. Death and decay. Insanity and torture. Disturbing things. I see all that in abandoned asylums, and it fascinates me.

Well, you are fascinating for sure. Do you follow anime/manga?

I watch a few anime. I have a hard time following manga, I'm not good at following the pictures. I watched Soul Eater and Code Geass, but I haven't finished either yet.

What's your type of music?

Hard question, cause it can be really versatile. Generally whatever catches my ear. I couldn't say one genre over another

Favourite artist/s?

Pink Floyd, probably, if I had to name one. It's the only band I will stop flipping through the radio to listen to a song by them, no matter what song it is. I like all their songs.

Nice. Do you follow movies?

Not really. I'd like to, but I never have the opportunity to see them until I can get them on my computer

What’s your favourite curse word?

Can you even post this? God, I don't know, probably nothing out of the ordinary. Most of them make me uncomfortable to say, so I overcompensate by saying the ones I do like all the time. I suppose if LANGUAGE is a curse word, that's easily my favourite. Depends on if you count that XD

I won't give you a hard time. Book or electronic book?

Book. I don't read as much as I used to, but I can't focus on electronics at all.

Me too. It feels weird. What is your favourite poison?

oooh. Good question. I like atropine, hsyomine, and hyoscyamine, because of how easily obtainable they are. Cyanide's cool, just because of the reputation. And, of course, botulinum toxin, cause it's THE MOST lethal of them all. 90 nanograms can kill a person. 8 lbs can take out all of humanity. The first three are cool, though, because the symptoms are easy to find out about.

I would like to thank cya for the interview. Feel free to comment on this interview or any of the older ones on the other topic. As always, if you want to be interviewed, aim a tactical nuke message my way. I will be sure to retaliate.


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Post by Guest on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:14 am

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grandest stage of them all. No, it's not WrestleMania, it's our little (oh, the irony) interview lounge. Tonight's entertainment is oshnsoashnedashnkiunepgli. No, I did not fall on my keyboard, that would be our beloved wall smasher, John a.k.a thehighlord on the forum. For anyone who wishes to know the origins of John's ridiculously long name, information on his latest fiction work and why he has a connection with walls, this is the interview to read. Have fun.

Interviewer: LegendOfTheSky
Interviewee: thehighlord (John)

: Who are you? what are you doing here? why? when? how?

: I am The High Lord, oshnsoashnedashnkiunepgli, [John to nearly every one here]. I am here because I am a huge Code Lyoko fan, and because of that I should remain linked to the people that are in the forum. I came here the day the forum was created, both this one, and the first one. As for when and how, I was long ago PMed by a guy named Railen on FF.net asking if I wanted to be part of a code Lyoko forum he was building. It was the 14th of march, 2007. 

Just a word of advice though, talk to people on the internet.

: Umm... that's not vague at all. Thanks John. (Hope people catch John's reference).

: You're welcome, hahaha.

: How did you discover Code Lyoko?

: Oh, lets see. My sister was watching Cartoon network one day, and I wanted to watch something else. Code Lyoko was on, the one where Xana was going to crash a pair of trains into each other. I remember that I was really critical of it at first, but I ended up thinking it was pretty neat.

: What made you decide to stick with it? I know quite a few cartoons that look promising in the beginning and end up being a huge disappointment. What is it about Code Lyoko that is special?

: It was the inverse for me, I didn't really like it much, but I had nothing else to do at that time frame when it was on TV. It just grew on me, and then I really started to get into it when I saw Routine, and then Teddy godzilla. But the show just kind of grew on me over time.

: Your secret is safe with me, and all the members of XL... and pretty much anyone who reads the topic. Interesting take 
though. Would you say you've watched most/all the episodes?

: uhm, yesit's actually kind of embarrassing, but i hadn't seen the last four episodes of CL until just recently. School and the start of college pushed everything else to the back burner, but I have as of three months ago finally seen everything.

: Wonderful. What was your initial reaction when you heard of S5 rumors?

: You know, it was kind of like, 'eh, I could take it or leave it' even though I hadn't seen the last episodes, I knew how it ended, and felt that was more or less sufficient. I heard it was to be live action, and that kind of put me off, but Rena got me to watch it.

: How much of CLE have you watched?

: All 18 episodes, plus the one that was leaked.

: Dammit. You've only watched 17 episodes more than me. 

: Oh, that's hilarious.

: Now that you've seen CL live action, did they manage to pull it off?

: you know, I get that they are playing on a low budget, it's only like, 6.5 million which really isn't a heck of a lot once you build sets and not to mention all the Computer animation. I think its okay it's a bit campy at times, but it moves on from where things left off. You have more character growth and continuity.

: Plot wise, how do you rate it?

: It's to me an acceptable addition to the fandom. Some are okay, some are just filler. the last few have been good, I would say from the episode 'the codeless' onward it's been great.

: Who's the best actor/actress of the bunch?

: Hmmm. the girl who plays Laura is pretty good, though I am not sure about how I like the character? and then Malanie Tran who plays Yumi and Diego Mestanza who plays William do a good job.

: We move to the Fan Fiction kingdom now. When did you first start writing fiction?

: September of 2007, I don't remember how I got turned onto the website though, but I found it and was like 'I can do this'.

: What influenced you to start writing?

: Hmm. that's a good one. I was always a very involved reader. I suppose it was high school. I started writing a bunch of silly things at school for friends.

: What was your first published piece of work?

: On FF? a nine chapter story called The Next Wave. It was terrible, no pacing, second rate plot. Caps for shouting or loud speech. The whole nine yards. Even multiple speakers in the same paragraph. Melodrama up to the yingyang

: Believe it or not, I remember the next wave. 

[Forgive me for fixating, but seriously? you read  the next wave?] 

((I believe I did. It was Yumi-centric or something, no?))

[It was, she went insane because of Xana]

: What is your method of publishing stories, is it episodic or do you unleash the whole thing at once?

: It's episodic. Until recently I had a general plan or a storyboard, but for my current CL works, I am literally pulling things out of my backside as I go, with only the most basic objectives to meet.

: What do you think is the hardest genre to write about?

:  The hardest thing for me is actually comedy. I just cant engineer funny. After that fluff is a bit difficult. I prefer to do drama and action adventure.

: Talk to me a little bit about The Xana Confederation. How did it start, what direction are you going to take, what to expect?

: ooooh, that's a good one. Long ago, kittyclaw wrote a story about the gang fighting Xana on earth, with a last ditch attempt to shut him down on Lyoko. Everyone ends up dying. it's borderline traumatic. It got me thinking so I started jotting notes about what If Xana was an alien AI that attacked earth. I had a short done up about the invasion of a moon colony. It kind of grew and then became the confederation so many people are enjoying reading now. As for direction, each character has a set of defining and driving traits. I add different elements, and let the character design take them through the mission. As for what's next, Jeremy needs to figure out how to breakdown all the information his laptop has taken in about Xana's tower, and then they need to get that to the outpost they left from, so it can be used against Xana. 

[You asked for all that text btw]

((haha, it's ok)) (I am sure those who enjoy The Xana Confederation would love to read it).

: I personally have yet to start reading it, but from that description, I will be sure to do it very soon. I have heard that you published a novel. What is Immortal Chronicles?

: It details a young woman who has the ability to connect with the future when she touches an object, she is attacked by a daemon, and is saved by a warrior who takes her to a hidden outpost. There she learns more about her powers, and embarks on a journey to collect an artifact left behind by an all powerful precursor one of her ancestors in fact. it details a growing war and eventual invasion of earth by these daemons, and she is forced to run into hiding before confronting the leader of the daemons. It's the first of four books. The second is about two thirds complete. I have a link to it in my signature If anyone is interested.

: I hope you left a lot for readers to check it out.

: Oh absolutely.

: There seems to be a project going on with you and some other authors. Athame Chronicles is a magical name... quite literally. How did it start and who's involved?

: Kitty stared it. she wrote a story called ; how to begin a journey. It's an AU where everyone is in some way magical. Yumi is a vampire psychic, Ulrich a dragon tamer, Odd a werewolf, Aeilta a fairy princess. I jumped in headfirst, and wrote 12 stories focused on Yumi and Ulrich. With a little William, Sissi, Aelita, and Odd thrown in. It's still in the kadic setting. Oh, and Milly. she's one of my favorites. She hunts vampires. My stories are a mix of drama and a little action/attempted murder with a good bit of romance in them tooThe project is Kitty, me, Shadows, Soul and nominally Rena. Of everyone, I am the only one that has anything published right now, but Kitty is nearly finished with one of hers.

: Looks promising. Now lets talk about one of the most asked questions in the universe. What is it with you and walls?

: I think it really is. You know, it was once said that I wasn't a very exuberant person so one day we had a new member, and I decided to crash through the wall to greet them. It since got horribly out of hand, and the real reason we got a new forum was because we couldn't afford to keep the old intact. The drywall cost alone was in the range of a small nation's military budget.

: Kids, don't try this at home or at school. Well, don't try this at all if you're not immune to walls.

: That is true. I tried going through a ceiling once? it just wasnt the same

: You ambitious you. Now, oshnsoa shnedashn kiunepgli. Wha.. wh... Explain.

: First, did you write out? or copy and paste it in?

: OFC I wrote it! Duuuuh *Hides copy/paste buttons*

: hahahahah I knew it. No, it means 'the high lord'. It come from a code language I created for use in by book. Which was later discarded but I keep it as a reminder. You can see it in other places if you look closely. My signature for example.

: When you said other places I thought we could see oshnsoa shnedashn kiunepgli in the stars, the heavens, under the mighty 
seas and on top of the highest mountains. We could always find oshnsoa shnedashn kiunepgli in ourselves and in the eyes of 
strangers whom we haven't met but feel connected with. But yeah, signature is cool too.

: I mean, there are several tribe in the south pacific that still worship my deeds.

: I will be sure to Skype them. Now, Reviews. How important are they to your work and how much do they benefit you?

: You know, I use them as a tracker of how much people actually enjoy what I write. Hit counts are one thing, but if someone took the time to say something, it means a little more. part of that whole drive for a human connection everyone feels.

: Does feedback influence the way you shape up the next chapter? For an example, if someone doesn't like the direction you took or how you unfolded the story.

: With that, noMy story is going to go the way it wants to. Once I start writing the ideas just unfold. And it's more like all I'm doing is relaying the story. One of my favorite reviews ever is Kittyclaw's review for 'how to reveal yourself' and another is her review of chapter 2 of Confederation.

: What did you like about them?

: They are so engaging and opened up a dialogue of my plans and what the characters were feeling or what motivated them.

: I recall from XL1 that you used to build stuff. 

: I do.

: What kind of stuff and how did this hobby start?

: I play a game called Warhammer in my spare time, and for fun, I build massive battle machines for my armies. It's a tabletop strategy game that uses model Kits you build and paint to do battle with other players.

: How does that process go? Is it easy?

: It can be easy, I play on a state tournament level, and have for years. A lot of people play just to hang out though

: Did you win anything?

: I have won a few trophies. Nothing major though.

: A trophy is a trophy.

: True.

: What other activities do you busy yourself with when you're not writing or breaking walls?

: Reading, lots of that. And two days a week i go on dates with Rena. And f course work

: What was the last book you read?

: The last book i read was Clive Cussler's Poseidon's Arrow. It's a marine action adventure about a top secret submarine that is stolen by terrorists.

: Ever stolen a submarine yourself?

: My lawyer requires that I can't remember.

: Ofc... they always do. Do you have an addiction?

: A mild one to sweet foods. other than that, no.

: What's the worst injury you've ever had?

: There was one a few years ago where i cut my index finger down into the bone, i had to get ten stitches, and while that was being done, I tried to pull the tendon out of my finger, because while in shock I thought it shouldn't be there so I nearly lost the use of my index finger and cant feel anything past the second knuckle so I type with 9 fingers.

: 10 would be easy. I am sure you hate easy.

: I have been known to favor doing things the hard way.

: Way to live your life. Just go with the next series of questions. Ronaldo or Messi?

: Don't think

: Ronaldo?

: Real Madrid or Barcelona?

: Barcelona (John...)

: Manchester United or Chelsea?

: MU (That's more like it)

: Hmm... nice. I shall not hate you.

: lmao. Good to know.

: Favorite band?

: The Transiberian Orchestra.

: Favorite curse word?

: it's a tie between troglodyte and blighter.

: How much do you love Justin Bieber? Because everyone does.

: I have actually to my eternal disappointment heard his one song, 'baby' in my head I replace the word baby with f*** but it doesn't make it any less auto-tuned unimaginative self righteous claptrap. If that helps at all? 

: You're just a hater. lolololol

: Hahaha

: Your favorite actor's last name + your favorite weapon = ?

: Junior straightsabre? 


: Mr.John, it's been a pleasure.

: Thank you very much sir legend, or lord Steven, whichever you prefer. 

Oh, all kinds of flattery are fine with me. I wish you a good night of sleep. Hopefully a slumber. 

: I enjoyed this greatly. Thank you.

Let me know if the format is annoying this time. As always, go here to discuss and comment on this interview. If you want to get interviewed, either state so in the mentioned topic or pm me.

Edit: Annoying format Neutral


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