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The Other Guardian

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The Other Guardian

Post by SummerRain on Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:22 pm

Chapter 1:

The gang was exuberant. Jeremie had finally found a way to materalize Aelita, and was now able to go to Kadic Academy with her friends. However, if they turned off the Supercomputer the action would kill not only X.A.N.A, but Aelita would die as well. Jeremie was a smart kid, so everyone placed their hopes in him. In the meantime, Jeremie had created some vehicles. Yumi had gotten a hoverscooter called the Overwing. Ulrich had received an overbike, which looks like a motorcycle with one wheel instead of two. Odd the clown acquired an overboard that looked like a hover-board. Aelita didn't get a vehicle, but she can ride whichever one she wants.

On this particular day, the gang was in the Desert Sector, testing out the new vehicles. Odd and Ulrich were having some kind of race, with Odd doing tricks like it was a skateboard park. Yumi and Aelita were sharing the Overwing. Eventually, Odd fell off, and some jokes starting going around until...

"Huh? That's weird...there's some type of monster heading towards you guys but...I've never seen one like this before!" Jeremie exclaimed. "Be careful, whatever it is, it has more life points than the others. Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi, I want you guys to fight this thing. Aelita, there's a tower not far from you. Get there, and I'll get you back home."

Aelita quickly ditched the group to go find the tower. Weird growling noises from the monster, and the sounds from the ongoing fight faded away as she grew close to the tower. There was nothing from X.A.N.A, and there was a clear path for Aelita to follow to the deactivated tower. Then, Aelita stopped running. "Jeremie....who is that up ahead? It doesn't look like a monster. Is it something from X.A.N.A?" She quickly head behind a rock.

From what Aelita could tell, it was something in the shape of a human. She was to far a away to see details, but it looked like the mysterious creature didn't have a weapon, and didn't seem to notice that Aelita was by it. The thing was running towards the tower either. In fact, it looked like it was slowly shuffling its feet towards the edge of the path. What's this thing doing?

"It doesn't look like it's X.A.N.A or one of his monster Aelita but..." Jeremie stopped his sentence. "Aelita what are you doing?"

Aelita left her hiding spot, and starting running towards the mysterious thing! As she got closer, Aelita saw that it wasn't an "it", but a she! She looked like she was about Yumi's height, and had jet black hair in a high ponytail. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt that was a dark navy blue, and matching pants. Her shoes were black boots that went up to her knees. Now that Aelita was closer to whoever this was, she saw that her weapon was a bow and arrow. Aelita knew that something was wrong with this girl. Her eyes were...strange looking. They didn't have a pupil, or the X.A.N.A symbol, but were a stony gray. Also, the stranger didn't even seem to notice Aelita. Instead, she kept walking to the edge of path, and then walked off! Whoever this girl was, she just jumped off the pathway and was falling into the digital sea!

Before she got to far, Aelita grabbed her by the wrist, and dragged her into the nearby tower. A few moments later, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd entered. Aelita had laid down the girl on the 1st platform. She was unconscious, and everyone stared at her, saying nothing, until Jeremie exploded. "Aelita what were you thinking?! It could've been a trap sent by X.A.N.A, or a another new monster! You could've died!"

Aelita stayed calm. "Jeremie I had to save her. She tried jumping into the digital sea. Besides, you said that she wasn't being controlled by X.A.N.A. I'm sorry Jeremie, but I couldn't just let her die."

"Aelita do you know this girl? And what do you mean by, " ' Jumping into the digital sea' ?" Yumi asked as she bent down and studied the girl's face. She didn't see anything abnormal with this girl, but what was she doing in Lyoko, and why did she try suicide?

"No, I've never seen her before in my life. At least I don't think so. Jeremie, what should we do with her?" Everyone waited for Jeremie's response.

"Leave her in the tower, and I'll bring everyone else back home. When she wakes up, we'll give her an interview and see what's up." Everyone agreed with his plan. After all, what else could they do for the being?

It wasn't until the next morning when the mysterious girl woke up, and was on Jeremie's computer screen.

"H-hello? Is anyone there? Please, I don't know where I am." The girl's tone of voice was confusion, but mostly scared. No one responded for a few minutes, and the girl spoke again. "Someone, anybody, please answer me. I don't know where I am, and there's numbers on the wall, and I'm some type of glowing platform...and I'm scared right now. Please, I need help!" She started to sound frantic. Finally, someone answered.

"You finally woke up." The voice chuckled, which was followed by a sigh. However, no one was showing up on the screen on the girl's side. "We were starting to wonder if you were...well anyway you're alright now!" Finally, a group of people showed up on the screen. 3 boys, and 2 girls. The person talking to her was a boy with blonde hair and glasses. "First thing's first, what's your name?"

The girl tilted her head to the side. "Name? Um...I don't understand. I don't think I have one. Let me think." The girl put her index finger on her chin with her head still tilted to the side, and thought. "Nope. I don't have a "name". Can you help me get out of here? This place is weird..."

"Not so fast. We need to know who you are. If you work for X.A.N.A, we won't help you."

The girl was a little bit ticked off. "Hey that's not fair! I don't know what a name, or a X.A.N.A is, and because of that you won't help me?"

One of the girls, who had pink hair, got close to the screen, staring at the stranger, then started talking to the group. "Guys, this like when I first met you, remember? I didn't even know my own name, either. Plus nothing relates her to X.A.N.A, so why don't we trust her, for now?" The group sat thinking, while the girl was trying to look innocent.

"Mysteria!" Everyone slowly turned their heads to look at the other blonde boy, who had a purple spot in his hair. "It fits her good doesn't it? She look mysterious, and is mysterious so...why not?" No response. "What!? Do you guys have any other ideas?" The boy with the glasses sighed and turned back to Mysteria.

"So...Mysteria. What is the last thing you remember?" The boy with glasses asked.

Mysteria thought for a moment. "I was being pulled....or maybe dragged into another building. And then I heard these voices, two girls' voices, and an angry boys voice. I don't remember what they were saying. Then...I woke up."

"And you're sure that's all you remember?"

"For now, yes. Ok, now you help me. But first, do you even have a "name" ?"

"Well there's no point in not telling you. I'm Jeremie. The girl with pink hair is Aelita, and the other girl is Yumi. The guy who named you is Odd, and the other guy is Ulrich. It's nice to meet you Mysteria."

Mysteria nodded her head. "Diddo. So, can I leave this place?"

"Easy, just follow the path, and you'll be outside. But as soon as you get to see where you are, go back in the tower. And stay into the tower until we get to Lyoko. Ok?" Mysteria could tell that this guy is very organized.

"Alright...well...see you guys soon" Mysteria got up and walked out of the tower.


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