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CLE Episode 12: Chaos at Kadic

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CLE Episode 12: Chaos at Kadic

Post by Snickie on Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:19 pm

Now that I've watched the episode with subtitles (albeit Spanish ones), I can make a proper commentary on the episode.

Three initial impressions I'd picked up before watching with subtitles:
· Laura does not have a good relationship with her father.
· Aelita, despite giving her gratitude to Laura in the last episode, still does not like her.
· Laura only programmed herself into the supercomputer, not just any ol' person who finds the lab.
· The MegaPod has sucky weapons.

Okay, so that's four. XD But it seems to be true. A single laser gun that looks to be no more powerful than a Kankrelat? xD For realsies!

After watching the subtitled version, I realize just what kind of relationship Laura has with her father which also explains Laura's character.
Her father is one of those "everything must be perfect for my daughter" but not in the sheltering kind of way. He's one of those people who wants her to go to MIT and nothing less (MIT is actually mentioned in the episode) and be the leading engineer in the world for computer technology, and be prepared specifically for this starting in pre-K or K3 levels. In short, he's like Ulrich's dad. The only difference is that he's not so mean about it because Laura actually has fantastic grades and is very capable of fulling her father's dream, unlike Ulrich. (I wonder how many people will start shipping Ulaura because of this. xD) He's very patronizing and expects that everything has a place and everything is in its place. Obviously this explains his rather bad impression of Kadic when he's sitting in Delmas's office with Laura, with the computers bugged up and Jim looking like nitwit.

By the way, did anybody besides myself notice that Laura's father is Jerome Mouscedatwhatshisname one of the main producers/directors of Code Lyoko and CLE?

Also, I notice he compares Laura a lot to her mother, which makes me wonder where she is in the scene.
New headcanon: Laura and Sissi have the same mother. :3

We finally get to see a tower on the Cortex! And it actually looks like it belongs there unlike in all the other sectors! So what's going to happen when they all realize that there are ALWAYS towers active in the Cortex? (Or so the pdf thing released earlier said.)

Lastly.... I want to comment on the setting the LWs use to discuss Laura. They're locked up in what I presume is Jeremie's room, and Laura's probably standing just outside the entire time trying to listen in. And it... it bothers me. I don't know why. Probably because I've been on both sides of that door before.

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Re: CLE Episode 12: Chaos at Kadic

Post by Stella Luce 333 on Tue May 28, 2013 9:47 pm

I agree, but I’m also not sure how else they could’ve handled it. Lara did break their trust, & they needed to talk that out in a way that they couldn’t have done if Lara was in the room with them…
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