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CLE Episode 16: Confusion

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CLE Episode 16: Confusion

Post by Snickie on Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:05 am

I hope whoever translates these videos takes some kind of jackrabbit pill this time because I have no idea what this episode was about. lol

first the halfspectre, then all the younger ones go to Lyoko and there's a tower problem (btw why did they send Odd, a codeless, alone?), and Laura's there too. Then Yumi and William are taking a test and get called to go to the Cortex, so they go, and there's this massive XANA vs Ninjas fight while Aelita chases after Laura to do investigation. they have a bit of a showdown, and the Lyoko warriors end up defeating all the baddies, with just Ulrich left to gather data. The next morning Aelita and Yumi go and somehow manage to talk to Alan Meyer / Tyron / whoever he is, who's being cryptic and then sends Ninjas to do this weird paralyzing lasers thing. They get devirtualized by Jeremie, and then celebrate in the lab.

I just don't get it.

edit: Wow, the English subs came out quickly. What a load of insight.

So Tyron is a complete psycho. But his latest security update that XANA supposedly destroyed gave the evil AI some problems. This is a curveball to the LWs because they thought XANA was teaming up with Tyron, but it turns out Tyron doesn't even know anything about XANA, or that it's residing in his supercomputer. And he's so egotistical that he can't bring himself to believe that what the kids are saying is true probably because... well, they're kids. He thinks he has control over everything, without a doubt. But does he? His weird laughter brings doubt to my mind as well, like he was laughing at some kind of joke the kids didn't know about, like he was fooling them. I find it hard to believe he knows nothing of the krabs that his ninjas were fighting; he obviously knows about the ninjas since there is video footage of him staring at some ninjas in his lab.

That could mean he thinks the krabs might have been sent by the kids or some other virus, or even that his ninjas aren't telling him the truth. I'm very interested to look further into it, and I can feel the plotbunnies spawning already. Very Happy

I can't help but wonder what Laura would've made of all this.

Speaking of which... what a low blow Aelita dealt when she and Laura were discussing Franz Hopper.

Also, I now understand why Odd was sent to the Desert Sector and also why the screen showed XANA as being at 80% power while in the previous episode he was at 85%. I believe this episode was intended to be released/viewed before episode 15, and I don't know yet why they decided to release that one first when it's so clear that they're out of order.

So anything else anybody wants to add?

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Re: CLE Episode 16: Confusion

Post by Stella Luce 333 on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:06 am

If Tyron thinks that XANA is under his control, then he’s an idiot. XANA doesn’t work for anybody else, & is probably just waiting until he has enough power to be able to turn the tables on Tyron…In any case, the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind… 
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