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CLE Episode 20: Espionage

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CLE Episode 20: Espionage

Post by Snickie on Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:55 pm

So the episode was released in Hungary sometime yesterday, and I was able to watch it this afternoon (without subs, of course) on Queen's livestream.  Here's the link, but it may be gone now.

So spoilers galore and general chat about the episode.  Woo!  I loved it, actually. XD

I loved Clone!Aelita.  XD
Her general unresponsiveness, especially with Laura, I just found kind of hilarious.  Hertz calls on clone, clone says nothing, Laura looks miffed, Odd fakes appendicitis and he and Ulrich use it to whisk clone out of there. XD  Later clone is sitting at table, Laura comes over and says something that sounds patronizing, clone just stares.  Clone and William's interaction was funny too lol.
And the handstand.  OMG I loved that!  Maybe it's because I can do it too, without leaning against the wall, but still.

I have so much fanfic plotbunny material too from when Aelita and Antea and Tyron were talking.  I feel like Aelita and Antea made a serious mistake when Aelita revealed her true identity in front of Tyron and he was clearly listening to them, especially after he yelled at Antea.  I mean, Tyron already knows what she looks like (Graven, episode 17), has an idea within a 120 mile radius of where their supercomputer is located, and now knows her name.  And she's on that social networking site.  I really hope the next few episodes at least toy with this idea.

And we already know from a preview image that Tyron finds Kadic and somehow gets a hold of Yumi.

I can't wait until the English subs come out. ^u^

Also: I now ship Clone!WilliamxClone!Aelita.

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Re: CLE Episode 20: Espionage

Post by The Pastamancer on Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:02 am

I found the episode really nice for characterization. It really shows how much Jeremie cares about Aelita and how Aelita will do anyting to get to talk to her mom.

I feel that Clone!Aelita was both funny and annoying. Funny in the way that she interacted with Laura and annoying how she was so stupid that Odd and Ulrich had to save her from teachers repeatedly.

I feel as though she made a mistake with revealing herself. Of course Tyron only knows her appearance to some extent and her name. They don't know that she's going under the last name of Stones. It could be easy or hard to find them. Probably easy judging by the social networking she did involving her mother.

I support your ship. I think there could be a possible love triangle with Clone!Jeremie, but he's sort of a jerk.
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Re: CLE Episode 20: Espionage

Post by juejue on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:35 pm

I mostly just cracked up at Aelita's clone. It's even worse than William's was back in season four! Haha
But I mean, at least Jeremie was able to make a clone in the first place, given the short time he had. So that's pretty neat. 

Y'know, I always thought it would be a good idea if Jeremie could program believable clones of his friends in his spare time. That way, when an emergency happened, he could just use those instead of the dumb ones. But that's just a thought.

Anyways, I thought the episode was pretty good overall. It was fun to watch!

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Re: CLE Episode 20: Espionage

Post by Stella Luce 333 on Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:11 am

I can’t blame Alita for reveling herself, even if Tyron was listening in…I think I would have done the same thing in her place. Who knows? Maybe the fact that Tyron now knows who Alita is will lend her some credibility if they warn him about XANA again…
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Re: CLE Episode 20: Espionage

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