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Sakura10594's Character: Erin Corneille

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Sakura10594's Character: Erin Corneille

Post by Sakura10594 on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:20 pm


Name: Erin Corneille
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 1”

Background:  Erin hasn't been at Kadic all her life. There wasn't anything special about her past, anything really special about her. Maybe not the best relations with her parents, but when she kept to herself they were fine. However, she was never put in a bad situation by them.  Her parents wanted to move out of the country when she was 13, but she didn't want to. Trying to compromise, they sent her to Kadic. She found it a quaint place but loved it. She was shy, but it seemed like no one loved to pick on her. Maybe it's because she was quiet most of the time to the point that she wasn't noticed by anyone that wasn't her friend. That ability to be invisible led her to the factory and accidently stepping into a scanner, sending her to Lyoko. From then on, she loved being a warrior because she felt she could do something helpful. Erin's favorite activity is to lie under a tree and write things that come to her mind. Her least favorite activity is clothes shopping. Her biggest fear is being locked in her room, along with having claustrophobia.

Description: First link is to her regular Earth form, the second is to her Lyoko form. Her gym clothes include a green zip up jacket and black baggy sweatpants. Her sleeping attire is brown pants and a white t-shirt.

Class: Ranger ->Survivalist

Starlight Spear
Dual Wield, Short Range
Level 1

Damage: 0
Precision: 0
Balance:  0
Enchantment: /

Short, one

Effect: Better chance of getting a shot for one turn

Aspect of the Wild: When successfully inspecting a creature you will be able to find out all stats including weaknesses, special attacks etc.


Additional Notes:
+1 Health, +1 Energy, +2 First Aid, +1 Balance, +1 Spot

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