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Code: Cyrno (Excrpt)

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Code: Cyrno (Excrpt)

Post by Stella Luce 333 on Tue May 24, 2011 7:29 am

Cyrno de Bergac with a Code Lyoko twst...

Code: Cyrno


"After standing me up tonight, that's all you have to say?" she said.

"Yumi, wait! Please, I…" Willem glanced at me. Great, it looks like I had to speak for him again.

"I wanted to apologize." I whispered. Willem repeated the words to her.

"I know I should have called, but I didn't realize how late it had gotten until just now."

"I know I should have called, but…I didn't realize how late…it had gotten until just now!" Willem said, after I had to remind him of the sentence a few times. Let's hope Yumi doesn't notice…

"Why are you talking like that?" Yumi asked.

Uh oh.

"Come here." I whispered to Willem.

"Come here!" he called.

"No, not her!" I whispered. "I meant you."

"You want me to come down?" Yumi asked.

"No!" Willem & I yelled at the same time.

"…Are you ok?" she asked.
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