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Sectors, what's up with that? (5)

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Sectors, what's up with that? (5)

Post by Railen on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:16 pm

Why, we're a Code Lyoko fansite! Of course the five sectors had to be included somehow.The members of this forum all reside in their sector, lead by a moderator. They get their own spot on the forum where they can talk and blabber about whatever is up there. You have to be part of a sector before you can see and enter it.

In addition, often there occur various competitions between the sectors. The winners get a title on the wall of fame and are rewarded with a price (usually Carthage Points*). Overall, it's just fun to get to know some members better, create team spirit and keep activity up. Smile

Sectors include additional general chats and roleplays, as well as miniature games specific to the sector.

When you feel a bit more comfortable, you too can become a part of this! Just throw Shadows a PM in which sector you'd like to be, preferably with a second choice (if a sector is too full, we better put you in another one that has less members).

*Carthage points are some kind of currency you'll gain as a reward of posting, winning games, earning achievements and more. You can spend them in the Grand Arena OR use them to enter the mysterious fifth sector, Carthage, which holds endless secrets. The Arena is some kind of rpg in Code Lyoko style, in which you can builld and level your own character.

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