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rizeup88's Code Lyoko stories

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rizeup88's Code Lyoko stories

Post by rizeup88 on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:57 pm

These are all the stories I have created relating to Code Lyoko. All of them are stories of love and friendship, some even are stories told about love discovered by the greatest love of all, the love of Jesus Christ.

All of my stories feature the following genres: romance, spiritual, poetry, adventure, drama (sometimes blocked together in one story).

Endless Love (Jeremie x Aelita Story)

Prayers and Promises (Yumi and Ulrich story)

Love's Embrace (Yumi and Ulrich poem)

The Art of Love (Jeremie x Aelita poem)

Countdown to Destruction

Hope you enjoy each of them thoroughly. Comment on what you think of each of them.

Note: my pen name on fanfiction.net, as mentioned earlier is Jace Stevens, just so there's no confusion.

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Re: rizeup88's Code Lyoko stories

Post by Dobermutt on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:27 pm

Very nice stories! You have excellent writing skills. Thanks for sharing your talent. I love the combination you've created. Again, very nice work. I look forward to any more you might post. Keep up the great work.

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