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Code Lyoko: Rookie 2 (Sequel to Rookie)

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Code Lyoko: Rookie 2 (Sequel to Rookie)

Post by PeaceKeeper2014 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:40 am

Sequel to one of the best fan-fics of the CL Fandom, CL: Rookie 2 expands on the universe that re-writes the entire universe of CL and brings a more realistic, imaginative, and suspenseful view on the entire CL series.

Sylvia Meadows and Gwen Ford are like sisters. They are close, like sisters. They always play together, work together, and spend time with each other with what time they have. They've done projects together, played songs together, and even blast people online on Battlefield 2. Their life seemed perfectly normal.

However, their lives change after a sudden attack by Xana, who randomly attacks them. They are force to work alongside the Lyoko Warriors because of it. Just like Jonas, both of them remember everything that happened after the RTTP sequence. These new rookies have a secret that connects them together. But, something is even more deeper. This secret could stretch ALL THE WAY to when Project Carthage was born.

Jonas, Gwen, and Sylvia must work together to help Team Lyoko defeat Xana in battle and discover their unique skills.

With a suspenesful style inspired by "Battlefield 3", "Medal of Honor", "Halo", "24", and more, and with a meaningful premise inspired by pure friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, and more, Code Lyoko: Rookie 2 doesn't just adds onto the Rookie universe, it completely changes it forever. Suspense, Drama, Action, Angst, and Struggle is the name of the game now. Prepare to make the dive.


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