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Histry Lessn (Excrpt)

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Histry Lessn (Excrpt)

Post by Stella Luce 333 on Sat May 08, 2010 8:25 am

Some times to undrstnd the presnt, the answrs are in the past...Gary is abot to lern this the hard way...

Take a look at what's happnng in the latst story in the Strnge Days at Kadc Acdmy (SDAKA) seres!:

Kelly's POV:

"Where is everybody?" I asked once Tori & I landed in the Arctic Region. This was better than gym class any day!

"Alita, Ulrick, & Od are waiting for you, if take that path to your left you should see them. Yumi stayed back to figure out what XANA is planning." Jeremy said.

"What about Gary?" Tori asked.

"What?" Jeremy seemed to be panicking. It's never good when the person at the controls starts to panic. "You mean he's not there with you?"

"Check the scanner room, Jeremy, maybe he's waiting in his scanner." Ms. Stones said as she & the others walked over. We waited to see what Jeremy had to say.

"He's not there." Jeremy said. "But the scanner program definitely shows him getting sent…somewhere…"


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