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A bit of episode release news

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A bit of episode release news

Post by Snickie on Sat May 04, 2013 5:08 pm

So did anybody else see the episode today? I, frankly, was very disappointed. There wasn't enough AxJ OR UxY. The plot was underdeveloped, the spectre sucked, and I don't even want to talk about their acting.

Though, of course, it's hard to find anything to say about a black screen and a list on DailyMotion that shows nothing but reruns when you search episode 19. Sad

As I mentioned in the RF thread, this weekend does officially begin the break in broadcasting new episodes of Code Lyoko Evolution. I'm pretty sure it's to allow the dubs in other places to catch up in broadcasting, but I'm not entirely sure since Goonslate's translation of codelyoko.fr's page was pretty icky and dysjunked (since, you know, I can't read French)... Anyway, it says they're not supposed to start up again until after summer holidays. And in the meantime they're going to rebroadcast the first eighteen episodes.

So until we can put a REAL episode 19 review up, I suggest you guys watch the first 18 and review them in their respective threads here. And write fanfics. And participate in the SCs. Wink

Edit: I found out from Tsunamix the other day that they uploaded episode 19 onto Dailymotion despite it not being broadcasted. Episode release on Dailymotion won't be a guaranteed thing, however, so we'll have to be very patient with them and hope they'll release every weekend like they've been doing.

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